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Activity Music Festival: Nigeria’s First Afro-EDM Festival and why you should pay attention to this movement.

A wise man once said Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go. Let me tell you about the Activity Music Festival (AMF) where EDM meets Afrobeats.

Chasing Karshi Waterfall: One of the few known waterfalls in Abuja

Although hiking is becoming increasingly popular in Abuja, there are only a few known waterfalls in the area. As the African hobo, my goal is to show you a lot of Africa (Abuja in this case), hence, I present to you a hidden gem, the Karshi Waterfall! (please, imagine a rain of confetti accompanying this big reveal! Lol!). To be honest, it's not as fancy as some other waterfalls in Nigeria, like Gurara, Farin Ruwa, Matsirga, or Erin Ijesha, but it's a remarkable waterfall nonetheless. Karshi Waterfall is located in *drum rolls* Karshi, Abuja. Getting there might be a little tricky, and that is exactly what we are going to address subsequently, i.e., how to get there.

Covid-19 Protocols For Travel To West Africa

Each country in West Africa have their own special travel protocol in light of Coronavirus; Some countries have opened their Air Borders but closed the Land Borders and all the different permutations. Information regarding travelling around West Africa are too few and far between hence the need for this article.

Welcome to the Cave: Experiencing the Cavemen and Cavy people at Jabi Boat Club, Abuja. 

This Interactive and Participatory style of performance used by the cavemen carries the crowd along and was used throughout this cavy experience to get everyone into the spirit of the groove. They started the set with Iro off their award-winning 16 track debut album ROOTS. The song encourages you not to quarrel or take offence because you don't know what you will be "ọ bu onye makwazi ife ọ ga-egbu". The live rendition had the horns play some punching notes which was not the case in the digital album, this gave the song a completely different feel.

African BoardGame Convention (ABCon) by Nibcard: The First of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa

The African Board Game Convention just got funded on for the 5th edition in December 2021. The targeted fund of $5,000 was surpassed by more than 140% in less than 2 days with pledges from over 200 backers from around the world, Kenechukwu Ogbuagu (KC) and the Nibcard team are absolutely killing it. ABCon is a gathering of board game designers, publishers, tabletop games enthusiasts, content creators, lovers of any and all things tabletop games ranging from classics such as chess, ayo, scrabble and monopoly to modern games particularly the plethora of Made in Nigeria games rolling in by the day.

Experiencing Calabar: The Ruins Of Tinapa

So the year was 2007 and Calabar under the leadership of Donald “Fine Boy” Duke who could do no wrong at the time; with his defined plans to make Calabar a tourism hub for Nigeria. He introduced Calabar Carnival in 2004 (read about my experience here) which is still the largest street carnival in West Africa- KUDOS! and in 2005, he introduced the Obudu International Mountain Race an annual mountain race touted as the “world's richest mountain race” to raise awareness for Obudu Cattle Ranch- Double KUDOS!!

Nibcard Games Cafe at 2: 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Cafe.

Tucked in far away Gwarinpa is the only Tabletop Games cafe in Nigeria. Just about 2 years ago, board game developer Kenechukwu (KC) Ogbuagu led a campaign to set up the first games cafe in Nigeria-- borne out of the need to get Nigerians playing African themed games. Since then, KC and Nibcard have gone on to develop at least 30 Nigerian games in collaboration with other game developers around the country and house about 300 international board games not your regular Scrabble, Chess, Draught and the others.

Calabar Carnival (1): Experiencing the Largest Street Carnival in West-Africa.

The Calabar Carnival is the biggest, best and longest tourism event in West Africa. It attracts over two million revellers and features participants from over 25 different countries. And although people say its best days are behind it, i strongly believe it has the potential to become a rallying point for people all around the globe to express themselves and put their cultures on display (of course if they can successfully make a come back after Covid like AfroNation).

African Arts and Crafts: Centre De Promotion De L’artisanat, Cotonou.

Cotonou, the "37th state" of Nigeria is the subject of this article. Cotonou is the economic hub of Benin Republic and this little francophone city is a top tourist destination for travellers from around the world. One of the places tourists like to visit is the Art Centre or Centre de L'artisanat in french. I... Continue Reading →

Impromptu Trip to Togo, Lome: 5 Tips on Navigating a New City (+ Cost Breakdown)

Robinsons Plage/Casa Crusoe is a private beach resort on the outskirts of Lome, occupied mostly by expatriates and tourists from abroad. Indigenes come around during weekends and public holidays to catch the beach vibes.

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