Tracking WaterFalls in Africa (1): Visiting Gurara Water Falls (Niger State)

Ello Errybody The African Hobo is here again *in lasisis voice!* How's the New Year New Me thing going? Lool.. I thought so too. (Whatever it is you thought). Before jumping into today's homeless gist, let me give you a funny background story.  Story Story.. “Story”. Once upon a time.. "time time" Many years ago... Continue Reading →

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One Day In The Capital (Abuja): Things You Can Do This Christmas Break

The harmattan breeze finna be up in the air, so you know the Christmas season is upon us. Christmas used to be the sh*t back in the day; End of the Year parties, Clothes, Holidays and Going to see Father Christmas. *Good ol dayz*. Nowadays, we are just grateful for life and sad that our... Continue Reading →

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CHASING MOUNTAINS: 5 Things To Know Before You Go Hiking (USUMA DAM ABUJA)

Its Hiking season in Nigeria *whoop whoop* (looked like the rain was never going to stop) and Hiking is no child's play. Before embarking on this dangerous and life-threatening journey * It's not even that deep*, keep these 5 things in mind.  For real For real these tips are really essential. A failed heart sign... Continue Reading →

Festival Of Lights Abuja- A Concert To Remember

So over the weekend, something happened in the city of Abuja (in lasisis voice). The first ever Festival of Lights event which promised something totally different from what we've experienced in the past. Abuja has been taunted as a dead zone because of the perceived "Grass/Herd Mentality" but the organizers managed to pull the city... Continue Reading →

One Day In Lasgidi: Can You Tour Lagos In One Day?

Awon people mi, Ndi m bu ndi, Jama'ata, Abantu Bami.. My people in various african languages (inclusion and that)! So Hoboites, I was going to Lagos for a week and was bent on visiting as many places in one day as possible on a budget (major key). I was positively optimistic because of all the... Continue Reading →

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