African BoardGame Convention (ABCon) by Nibcard: The First of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa

It’s no secret that Nibcard is a place after my heart, from the work they do to the way they go about doing it. In case you missed it, I wrote about 5 Reasons why I think you should visit Nibcard Games Cafe.

On top of the things I love most about Nibcard is their ingenuity and willingness to explore uncharted territory, this spirit saw them open the first board game cafe in West Africa which has birthed many more around the continent and launch the Annual African Board Game Convention tagged ABCon which is running its 5th edition and has garnered support from around the world. So this is really what I have come to tell you about today because this is a story that needs to be amplified as much as possible; the story of pure doggedness, hard work and self-believe is the story of ABCon and why it is imperative you get involved in this global dream. 

African Board Game Convention 2018

The African Board Game Convention just got funded on for the 5th edition in December 2021. The targeted fund of $5,000 was surpassed by more than 140% in less than 2 days with pledges from over 200 backers from around the world, Kenechukwu Ogbuagu (KC) and the Nibcard team are absolutely killing it. ABCon is a gathering of board game designers, publishers, tabletop games enthusiasts, content creators, lovers of any and all things tabletop games ranging from classics such as chess, ayo, scrabble and monopoly to modern games particularly the plethora of Made in Nigeria games rolling in by the day.

This year is particularly interesting because of the giant strides the gaming industry has made since the last Convention in 2019; they have recorded 30 new game releases, 9 new designers, including 3 new Tabletop Games cafés, and a lot of Game Events hosted in different states in Nigeria. African boardgames convention aims to integrate more people into the beautiful world of tabletop gaming. It’s one thing to play games with your usual friends and family, but it’s another level when you meet and network with people of like minds from around the world over Tabletop games. ABCon also awards persons distinguishing themselves and contributing to the continuous growth of the tabletop industry in Africa. 

Table Top Growth in Nigeria from 2016 – 2021

ABCon is termed the first board game convention in sub-Saharan Africa and has been covered by top media companies in Nigeria like Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Before ABCon, identifying a platform for Tabletop game designers, content creators, publishers, manufacturers or enthusiasts in Nigeria was a herculean task but that has changed now with all the work that has been done by the Nibcard team.

African Boardgames Convention 2019

The future of ABCon is as bright as the promises of God and yesterday was the best time to get involved but today is the second-best time. You’ll think I’m an ABCon veteran with the way I’m talking about it but this will be my first time and I’m looking forward to it like Kilode.

I hope to see you there too!! #ABCon2021, See you there!!

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly

Langston Hughes

What People are Saying

You can get involved by:

  1. Following @Nibcardgames on Twitter, Instagram and most recently Tik-Tok.

2. Posting videos on your social media platforms saying “#ABCon2021, see you there”.

3. Telling your Friends, Enemies, Frenemies, Foes and Froes about ABCon.

4. COMING; In-person or Online.

Details of the Convention will be communicated in due course.

Hobo Out!

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