Finding Friends on The Road

As I write this, I’m feeling like Davido and Mayorkun in "I Got A Friend". Appreciating a set of people that literally saved my life. Let me tell you about my friends on the coast

Art Review | Responsive Set Eye Exhibition by Olorunyemi Kolapo (@Kingdiah)

Responsive Eye by the self taught visual artist, Olorunyemi Kolapo. Widely known as Kolapo Kingdiah (@Kingdiah on Instagram), he is a graduate of pure and applied physics and this collection was highly influenced by physics theories. This concept strikes you the moment you walk into Dolapo Obats spacious and picturesque gallery in Abuja; even before registering, you are first welcomed in by the "AWELEWA SERIES", it expresses the Law Of Thermal Expansivity and how ladies long (he used african women) to always look ever young- its a double entendre for Longa Throat and heat causing a body to increase in size/length.

CHASING FARIN RUWA WATERFALLS, Nasarawa State: The Most Dangerous Waterfall I Have Visited in Nigeria and Why You Need To Visit As Well

So we conquered Farin Ruwa Waterfalls located in a village called Messenge, Wamba L.G.A, Nasarawa State. It is about 3 hours away from Abuja and getting here felt like the Israelites journey out of Egypt, we literally crossed many seas and jungles to get a glimpse of mother natures wonder. The Journey wasn't the easiest but it heightened the feeling of excitement getting to the destination. Farin Ruwa is a Hausa word that translates into English as "White Waters" given by the inhabitants because from a distance it appears like white smoke. At 150m, it's one of the tallest Waterfalls in Africa.

5 Reasons why The Raffia Palm is the next place you need to visit in Abuja.

The raffia palms is in such a serene and lowkey area. If someone doesn't take you there, its highly unlikely that you'll stumble into it. Think Dexters Laboratory, it's like there's a secret portal that leads into this untapped picturesque eye-catchy location; hidden in the midst of so much normality. All the 5 people that came for the get together called when they got there to be sure that this was really the place.

Chasing Waterfalls || The Ups and many Downs of Planning a Road Trip in Nigeria.

Chasing Gurara Waterfalls Again Legends have it that the second time's a charm or was it the third time. Visiting Gurara Waterfalls again was definitely alluring, the first time was a movie but it felt dangerously different this time.  Spontaneity is my default state and so, I naturally gear towards solo trips rather than organized... Continue Reading →

African Arts and Crafts: Centre De Promotion De L’artisanat, Cotonou.

Whats up WHats up Whattsss upp?? Y'all know what time it is… You Don't? Well, it's that time of the year when we wear less and go out more, tagged "Hot Girl/Boy Summer 2019". TBH for the 9-5 guys, it's just like any other time because you're still stuck up with work but we'll find... Continue Reading →

African Drum Festival 2019: Drumming The Future (In Conversation)

The Fourth Edition of the African Drum Festival themed "Drumming The Future" held in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The Festival is hosted by the Government of Ogun State and it brings acts from 23 Countries, 18 States consisting of 71 Troupes. My friend Tobi Mustapha was on ground to capture the Festival live. It's a 3-day... Continue Reading →

Tracking WaterFalls: My 18 Hour Road Trip To Tanogou Waterfalls, Benin Republic (Guide).

Update on the Tracking WaterFalls Series, incase you're new here, I'm on a mission to Chase as many WaterFalls in Africa as possible and give you guidelines on how to get there. I visited Tanogou Cascade (Waterfall in french) and it was totally breathtaking. To set the pace for this one, let me give you... Continue Reading →

Coming Back To Nigeria Is An Extreme Sport: This One is For The IJGB’s

"Mic Check 1,2. Final Call for Boarding on Flight AJ 234 to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, NIGERIA. Please board the aircraft now this is the last call."                                            Signing out from the Abroad. Vamos! Cabin crew... Continue Reading →

Art Review||Official Launch of Retro Africa (Abuja)

Yelloo.. Whats uppp?? O Je Ke Eng? (Music Edition, Politics, Church, School. Everything. My eyes are bleeding.). Awon tweeples, You are also tired of that thing abi. The Art scene in Abuja has been relatively quiet, with various young visual artists doing their thing on a low key. With the music scene in the capital... Continue Reading →

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